Information about the French style 2023

معلومات عن الطراز الفرنسي French style

Information about the French style is a reflection of luxury in the era of kings and people’s thought for the best lifestyle, which is represented in many details. The French style is represented in the architectural style and elegant interior design, so we will talk in today’s article about the French style in detail.

معلومات عن الطراز الفرنسي French style
French style

Information about the French style

The French style appeared influenced by the historical and political events in the eighteenth century AD in France, as it was one of the most advanced and developed countries. The French style is divided into several periods:

Louis XIV (The Sun King) XIV

  • The greatest king of France, during his reign, France became the cultural center of Europe.
  • He saw that furniture and the arts had political and aesthetic dimensions, so he cared about them, and among the fruits of this interest was that he ordered the construction of the Palace of Versailles in France, the greatest palace in Europe.

specifications of this era

  • The sizes are king size.
  • Furniture lines are straight.The presence of X-shaped supports under the chairs.
  • Upholstered furniture is a sign of luxury.
  • Heavy and full of potholes.
  • Inlaid with ivory, copper and silver.
  • The emergence of flooring arts (in an engineering way called parquet made of stones, wood and alabaster).
  • And because it is so extravagant and expensive, it is rarely used in our time, and its use is limited to presidential palaces and display in museums.

guardianship period

After the death of Louis XIV, Louis XV was 5 years old, so there was someone on his behalf for 8 years.

Louis XV

  • When the style is influenced by the personality of the king.
  • Louis XV was inclined to literature and the arts, and although he tried to wear the mask of the mighty king, his kindness, romance and passion overwhelmed him, so the huge royal style turned into soft and curved lines that suit women more.

specifications of this era

معلومات عن الطراز الفرنسي French style
French style
  • Curved lines and curves in furniture, walls, doors, ceilings, and corners of architectural rooms.
  • Influenced by the Chinese approach to bright paint and furniture.
  • They were fascinated by decoration and carving in shapes of conch (Rococo) until this era was called Rococo.
  • Feminine pieces of furniture such as (decorative tables, reading and writing tables, and fabric-covered chairs) appeared.

Louis XVI

Features of this era:

  • Straight lines reappeared, and thus Roman columns appeared in furniture.
  • The chairs have new shapes (square, oval, musical instrument).
  • The presence of carvings at the top of the columns in the pieces of furniture in the form of roses, and this is what distinguishes it from the carvings of columns in the English style.

The age of leaders

Because of the indulgence of Louis XVI and his wife Mary in luxury and extravagance, and their lack of understanding of the people and their needs, the revolutionaries revolted against them and Louis XVI and his wife were executed, then came the era of leaders to highlight information about the French style.

Its most prominent characteristics are the age of leaders

Because of the indulgence of Louis XVI and his wife Mary in luxury and extravagance, and their lack of understanding of the people and their needs, the revolutionaries revolted against them and Louis XVI and his wife were executed, then came the era of leaders to highlight information about the French style.

Its most prominent characteristics are the age of leaders

  • He is best known for his etchings and drawings of heroic instruments such as crossed flags, drums, liberty hat, and harvest hoe.
  • The appearance of curves in the backs of chairs and the arms of the sofa.

Imperial era

Named after Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Characteristics of this imperial age

  • The use of Roman statues, winged lions, sphinx heads, and birds was prominent.
  • The legs were in the form of swords or animal hooves.
  • From his conquests to Egypt, Italy and Greece, Napoleon gathered the most famous decorative artists, so his era was affected by the arts of these countries.
  • Gold paint dominated this era.

French style in interior decoration

  • The French classic style appeared in interior design in the eighteenth century AD to highlight information about the French style, and during those times on French lands there was a kind of prosperity and prosperity in the acquisition and purchase of luxury and expensive things.
  • And as everyone knows how the French work from ordinary and unfamiliar things, very valuable and beautiful things from accessories and decorations that are added to the overall design of the decor in an impressive and unforgettable way.
  • In any case, the classic French style in interior decoration is what we are dealing with at the present time, and its presence and spread was not limited to the heart of the French lands only, but in the countries of the whole world.
  • I believe that the classic French interior style is a mixture of Baroque, Rococo and Empire.
  • Where the Empire style is the basis in the design of the rooms of the French, because for centuries this style of decoration has not lost its popularity in France.
  • As for the Rococo style, it is the style of the nobility, and light colors are always used in it.
  • The Baroque style helps create a royal image in the decoration and a little modesty in the general features.
  • If we talk about modern French interior decoration nowadays, we are talking about the grandeur and grandeur of the rolling tracery style, but it is presented in several restrained ways.
  • In addition, it is now at the peak of its popularity, permeated with a well-thought-out chaos in everything, and seems to be on its way to extinction, but on the visible surface, this pattern seems to boil down to definite and clear points.

Characteristics of the French style

معلومات عن الطراز الفرنسي French style
French style
  • Interiors in this French style are mostly characterized by the use of pastel colors: beige, white, pale pink, caramel, pale blue, pale yellow, light green.
  • Dark shades can appear in the finishing of the furnishings, such as: brown, bronze, gray, and interesting shades.
  • But it is rarely used to give a bright touch such as: orange, red, blue and gold.
  • Walls: There are two basic types of wall styles that can be accepted in this type of decoration, and they are soft and textured.
  • Where the first type of walls is painted with different types of pastel paints, while the second type is used for wallpaper with wonderful designs with cloth and embroidery, or using vinyl paper in addition to Venetian plaster, or liquid wallpaper.
  • Flooring: It is preferable to cover the surface layer of the ground floor with yellowish amber wood parquet.
  • Plus the possibility of using some kind of glossy tiles with unusual golden stripes.
  • Ceilings: The ceiling surface should be covered with gypsum board and in the final stages polyurethane molds should be added to it.

Living room in classic French style

  • Let’s start with the color of the walls, the room will look great when painted in a light beige color, the floor is darker than the color of the walls, and the ceiling is white.
  • Furnishings (furniture): It is better for simple, soft furniture to choose elegant furnishings, with high wooden armrests for the arms and thighs, and the color of chairs and sofas varies between gray, brown, beige, or white, and we can use them in the same way with cabinets and a coffee table.
  • The coffee table can be made of wood with the addition of some curved metal carvings and decorated with many carvings and trimmings.
  • We cannot ignore the decorative part at all, as we can place pictures on the walls within elegant and luxurious frames, in addition to the wall mirror.
  • We can also use lamps on the table, or elegant candlesticks, and large vases, in addition to a fireplace and chiffon curtains with gold embroidered cushions.

French bedroom interior decoration

  • As we have already taken into account information about the French style in which the walls should be painted in a light color, the bedroom will look great in shades of earthy colors with a smooth gradation of golden color, and we can cover the entire floor of the room with a soft cover.
  • An earthy or ombre rug of beige, and the bed, a bedroom staple, is designed in a Roman style with clear moldings.
  • The front of the bed is covered in light leather, and the cushions and decorative pillows are placed in harmony with the overall design of the bed.
  • Generally speaking about the French style, milky color is preferred for a bed with wardrobe, chest of drawers and jewelry chest.
  • In addition to the many murals, mirrors, candlesticks, and large vases of the room, information about the French style emerges.


We advise you to know the difference between an interior designer and other?

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French style

interior designer Advantages of hiring interior designer Mohamed Momeh

  • Submission of suggestions: The interior designer, Mohamed Mumia, presents his proposals regarding the exploitation of internal spaces.
  • Work: Once the best offer is reached, the interior designer works on the project with follow-up from the owner. In order to see the design stages and make adjustments in a timely manner.
  • Submit Proposed Modifications: The majority of design projects of all types need many modifications to reach the end goal. Therefore, it is important to agree with the interior designer on the number of modifications that he can accept after completing work on the project.
  • Delivery: After completing the work, the interior designer, Mohamed Mumia, presents his project in the form of a visual design file, which is either visual images collected in a PDF file or individually. He also presents a short video clip that shows the entire design by walking around the project in a 3D way.
  • Interior designer Mohamed momeh designs and plans interior spaces that meet people’s physical and social needs and according to the object’s purpose.
  • It also plays the main and essential role in preserving the architectural style of the region and taking into account safety factors as well as smart
  • He is accredited by the Egyptian TV and has a reputation and experience of up to 18 years.

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What defines French style?

French style is characterized by elegance, sophistication, and timelessness. Key elements include classic cuts, neutral colors, chic accessories, and attention to detail. It often emphasizes natural beauty and understated luxury.

What is classic French style?

Classic French style is defined by its timeless elegance, effortless sophistication, and attention to detail. It features classic cuts, neutral colors, chic accessories, and a focus on natural beauty. Key pieces include Breton stripes, trench coats, tailored trousers, and little black dresses.

How do you describe French girl style?

French girl style is defined by its effortless and understated elegance. Key elements include natural makeup, disheveled hair, comfortable yet chic outfits, and a focus on quality over quantity. French girls often mix high-end pieces with vintage and second-hand finds, and they are not afraid to experiment with trends. They value simplicity, comfort, and timelessness, and they strive for a look that is both casual and sophisticated.

What is French modern style?

French modern style is a contemporary interpretation of classic French elegance, incorporating modern trends and technology. It combines the timelessness of traditional French style with bold, innovative design. Key elements include clean lines, minimalist silhouettes, and a focus on sustainability. French modern style often incorporates minimalist color palettes, neutral tones, and metallic accents. It also often features high-quality materials and a strong attention to detail, as well as a focus on versatility and comfort.

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