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restaurants Interior design tips for you 2023

classic restaurant Interior design

restaurants Interior design needs a decorator with creative experience in designing restaurant decor, as restaurant decor needs professionalism in design, in order to collect colors that are consistent with each other, and to design a distinctive restaurant decor in any available space, so we will talk In today’s article about the best interior design tips for restaurants, provided by interior designer Mohamed Momeh, director of Elarabiadesign.

But first, you know the answer to the question, why do I deal with the interior designer Mohamed Moumia without anyone else??

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Advantages of hiring an interior designer, Mohamed Moumia:
Submission of suggestions: Mohamed Moumia works as a professional interior designer to present his innovative and creative proposals to make optimal use of the interior spaces. He has experience and art in transforming ordinary spaces into distinctive and attractive places.
Follow-up and work: Once the best proposal is selected and approved by the owner, Mohamed Moumia works on the project continuously. Carefully follows up on the project and ensures that the design is executed in an accurate manner according to the owner’s vision.
Submitting Suggested Modifications: Mohamed Moumia knows that interior design projects often need modifications to achieve the desired result. Therefore, he works with the owner to determine the number of modifications that are acceptable after the completion of the project, and works to implement the modifications in a timely manner.
Delivery: Upon completion of the work, Mohamed Moumia presents the project in the form of a visual design file, such as a PDF containing collages showing the final design. It is also possible to submit a short video showing the design in 3D, and gives a clear idea of ​​the final project.
Commitment to style and integrity: Mohamed Moumia ensures that the general architectural style of the area or space being designed is maintained. It also pays great attention to safety and security factors, ensuring a safe and comfortable indoor environment.
Experience and Distinction: Mohamed Moumia has more than 18 years of experience in the field of interior design. He is an accredited Egyptian TV designer, with an excellent reputation and proven experience in his field.
In short, Mohamed Moumia represents a distinguished and professional interior designer with creativity and experience in transforming interior spaces into beautiful and functional spaces. Seeks to achieve the owner’s vision and to provide projects that meet his needs and exceed his expectations.

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restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

The most important design criteria for restaurants Interior design

  • Defining spaces in restaurants is the most important thing in the restaurants Interior design, which the decorator focuses on in designing restaurant décor.
  • Determining spaces in restaurants is a difficult problem because of the need for research and many calculations.
  • Space selection depends on several factors. These factors include the number of meals to be prepared, including the following:
  • The functions and tasks to be performed in the restaurant are among the most important restaurants Interior design.
  • Equipment needs are among the most important restaurant interior design tips that the decorator focuses on.
  • The number of workers and the work areas in which they work.
  • Storage of raw materials and free spaces suitable for traffic and movement.
restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

Dining areas

The interior designer’s evaluation depends on the number of people to be accommodated in a period, the number of times food is served, the number of times food is served in the same place for each seated person, and the number of people sitting for a period.

restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

Crossing in restaurants Interior design

  • Many problems in kitchens are due to insufficient thinking to create a smooth flow of food quantities through the kitchen.
  • The width of the crossing lanes depends on the type of crossing or corridor that must be provided for the facility. For example, the minimum width of the lane is (76 cm).
  • So there will be no difficulty in passing, if the person who is going to pass pushes a moving rickshaw in front of him.
  • The width of the aisle is 61 cm, in addition to the width of the moving car, one of the most important interior design tips for restaurants.
restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

Best decoration style for restaurants Interior design

  • The interior design stems from the experience of the interior designer who designs restaurants commensurate with the food and services offered in the restaurant.
  • From here you start to search and see a lot of decorations, styles and types of restaurants, such as the Mexican restaurant, the Japanese restaurant, and the Italian restaurant.
  • And other types and styles of restaurant decor that you should look at before choosing your own decor style.
restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

The basics of choosing the design of restaurants Interior design

There are also some basic rules for designing restaurants Interior design in order for the design to be successful, on which the interior designer relies on designing restaurant décor, such as:

  • Entrances are one of the most important interior design tips for restaurants.
  • The main hall.
  • Movement and seating lanes.
  • Seating, size and quality.
  • Lighting is also one of the most important tips for interior design for restaurants and interior design for restaurants.
  • Foreign destinations are among the most important interior design tips for restaurants.
  • Choose the right colors for the chosen decoration style.
  • Cooking areas and kitchens.
  • bathrooms.

All these rules and units must know a lot about materials, measurements, types, and how to choose the best of them, so that the interior design and decorations of restaurants become distinctive, successful, and have a special character from other decorations, so every restaurant owner must follow the tips of interior design for restaurants.

restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

Implementation of a new color scheme

  • Restaurant decorations are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change the look of your dining area, so you should contact an interior designer who has a sense of creativity and luxury in designing restaurant decor.
  • Changing the colors on the walls can give your customers a completely different atmosphere and seating experience.
  • You and your team can do the drawing if you are suffering from financial problems and you cannot hire a professional, all you have to do is consult an interior designer with experience in the field of restaurant decoration design.
  • Before you start sketching, you must first choose a color scheme that complements your restaurant concept and matches your branding.
  • Instead of painting the entire dining area, you can use one wall and paint a different color than the neutrals to enhance the room’s finish and contrast with the other walls.
  • You can use some modern drawings and inscriptions on this wall in bright colors that attract the attention of your restaurant customers, and give the place a more modern look.
  • Many restaurants follow the modern design style in recent years, as it does not require spending large sums and lasts for a few years without the need for constant change.
restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

Add plants to your space

  • Adding plants to your dining space can bring a calm, fresh, and flow of natural color to the front area.
  • However, you should not use real plants because they will cost a lot of money to maintain, can cause allergic reactions in customers, and create odors that can clash with the aromas of your food.
  • If you want to use real plants, aloe vera is an excellent choice as it is easy to care for and does not emit any scent.
  • In addition, there are a lot of fake plants that have a cool and unique shape that you can use to decorate your space.
restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

Why not use artwork in restaurants Interior design?

  • If you are going for an artistic and contemporary look, then hanging some artwork in your dining space is an excellent idea.
  • Artwork used in restaurant decorations can be anything from photos to paintings. and even 3D art and sculptures.
  • You can also add your own personal touch to these artworks and follow these interior design tips for restaurants.
  • You can use the works of local artists in your area and give customers the option to buy them, to attract some customers or a certain category of customers.
  • This way you get beautiful art to hang in your restaurant, and help the local art community with these top interior design tips for restaurants.
  • If your restaurant serves a particular cuisine or country, displaying photos and paintings of landscapes and famous landmarks in that region is a great way to give your restaurant a sense of authenticity and put diners in a unique place to experience the full experience.
restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

The basics of designing restaurants of all kinds

  • In past years, tablecloths gave customers an impression of fine dining and elegance.
  • Nowadays, tablecloths are no longer an important thing to be included in the list of restaurant decorations.
  • On the other hand, exposed wooden tables are used, which match the minimalist aesthetics.
  • This design fashion is perfect for social media, especially Instagram.
  • If you are thinking about how to decorate your tables, then you should definitely forgo tablecloths and their expensive maintenance because they need to be washed and replaced frequently.
  • If you want to give your customers a similar sense of style, you can use cloth napkins.
  • The only thing tablecloths can help with is protecting your table surface from scratches and stains caused by your dinnerware or cutlery.
  • So it is best to carefully choose your tables from the finest materials.
restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

Use the light in a special way

  • Changing the lighting and the amount of light in your restaurant decor can have a huge impact on the atmosphere.
  • More lighting makes your space bright and welcoming, while a dull dining area creates a more intimate and romantic feel.
  • There are different ways you can change the amount of light in your dining space.
  • For example; Mood lighting, pendant lights, and pendant lights create soft, diffused lighting, while candles help accentuate the romantic atmosphere.
  • You can also adjust the natural light coming into your dining area with blackout curtains and blinds.
  • Not only can curtains change the amount of light entering your restaurant, but they can also provide a pop of color and decorative flair that you can use to match the color scheme of the space in your restaurant.
  • You can choose the type of lighting for your restaurant based on the concept of the place and the message you want your customers to receive.
restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design


We advise you to know restaurants Interior design the difference between an interior designer and other?

  • Interior designer job The interior designer is responsible for designing and utilizing the interior spaces of a home to meet the basic needs of its residents.
  • That is, it depends on employing the place appropriately to meet the purpose. It is typical for an interior designer to have an associate degree in their field.
  • Interior design is taught in the Colleges of Fine and Applied Arts and Architecture. Therefore, he relies on academic science in the home design process.
  • The reliance of interior designer, interior designer Mohamed Moumia, on engineering principles in his work does not mean that he ignores the aesthetic form.
  • As one of his tasks is to design the decoration and choose the style as well, as this matter falls within the goal of employing the spaces that he achieves.
  • As for the interior designer, he is the person who revives the aesthetic and artistic side of the interior design.
  • He cares more about choosing colors, designing furniture, and adding aesthetic elements.
  • Therefore, we advise you to contact elarabiadesign
restaurants Interior design
restaurants Interior design

Finally, why do you deal with ElarabiaDesign?

  • The company is under the leadership of interior designer Mohamed Moumia, not just an investor.
  • An interior designer, not another engineering major.
  • He has his fame on Egyptian television, and therefore his reputation must be preserved.
  • The variety of projects that have been designed and supervised.The company supervised residential, administrative, medical, commercial, restaurants and other projects.

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restaurants Interior design

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How to design the interior of a restaurant?

Here are some key points to consider when designing the How to design the restaurants Interior design:
Theme and atmosphere: Consider the theme and atmosphere you want to create for your restaurant, such as elegant, casual, or playful.
Space and layout: Make use of the space and layout to create distinct areas for different activities such as seating, dining, and waiting.
Lighting: Good lighting is crucial for creating the desired atmosphere and for highlighting key features of the restaurant.
Furniture and décor: Choose furniture and décor that fit the theme and atmosphere and are comfortable for customers.
Color scheme: Choose a color scheme that complements the theme and enhances the mood of the restaurant.
Branding and signage: Incorporate branding and signage that reflects the restaurant’s identity and makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.
Storage and functionality: Ensure that the restaurant is functional and has adequate storage for supplies and equipment.
Accessibility and safety: Make the restaurant accessible and safe for all customers, including those with disabilities.
Budget: Keep the budget in mind when making design decisions and prioritize investments that will have the biggest impact.
Remember to also consider local building codes and regulations when designing the interior of a restaurant.

What are the top five tips on restaurant interior design?

Here are the top five tips on restaurant interior design:
Consider the target audience: When designing the interior of a restaurant, consider who your target audience is and what they expect from the dining experience.
Create a memorable atmosphere: Use lighting, colors, textures, and other design elements to create an atmosphere that is unique, inviting, and memorable.
Make it functional: Design the interior to be functional, with efficient use of space, comfortable seating, and easy flow between different areas.
Highlight the brand: Use signage, graphics, and other design elements to reinforce the restaurant’s brand and create a consistent experience for customers.
Pay attention to details: Little touches, like table settings, artwork, and music, can make a big impact on the overall experience for customers. Pay attention to the details to create a cohesive and memorable interior design.

What are the 5 elements of a restaurant concept?

The five elements of a restaurant concept are:
Menu: The menu is the core of any restaurant concept and should be designed to fit the target audience and the restaurant’s overall theme and atmosphere.
Service style: The service style, including the level of formality, can have a big impact on the atmosphere of the restaurant and should align with the concept.
Atmosphere and décor: The atmosphere and décor of a restaurant contribute to the overall experience and should reinforce the concept and target audience.
Branding and marketing: A strong branding and marketing strategy helps to establish the restaurant’s identity and attract customers who align with the concept.
Operations and management: The operations and management of a restaurant should be efficient and aligned with the concept, menu, and target audience to ensure a consistent experience for customers.

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