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classic restaurant Interior design 2023

classic restaurant Interior design

classic restaurant Interior design For everyone who wants a restaurant business and wants to design a classic restaurant decor or design a classic-style restaurant decor, we will present in today’s article tips for decorating a classic-style restaurant through interior designer Mohamed Momeh.

But first, you know the answer to the question, why do I deal with the interior designer Mohamed Moumia without anyone else??

The answer is in this video

Advantages of hiring an interior designer, Mohamed Moumia:
Submission of suggestions: Mohamed Moumia works as a professional interior designer to present his innovative and creative proposals to make optimal use of the interior spaces. He has experience and art in transforming ordinary spaces into distinctive and attractive places.
Follow-up and work: Once the best proposal is selected and approved by the owner, Mohamed Moumia works on the project continuously. Carefully follows up on the project and ensures that the design is executed in an accurate manner according to the owner’s vision.
Submitting Suggested Modifications: Mohamed Moumia knows that interior design projects often need modifications to achieve the desired result. Therefore, he works with the owner to determine the number of modifications that are acceptable after the completion of the project, and works to implement the modifications in a timely manner.
Delivery: Upon completion of the work, Mohamed Moumia presents the project in the form of a visual design file, such as a PDF containing collages showing the final design. It is also possible to submit a short video showing the design in 3D, and gives a clear idea of ​​the final project.
Commitment to style and integrity: Mohamed Moumia ensures that the general architectural style of the area or space being designed is maintained. It also pays great attention to safety and security factors, ensuring a safe and comfortable indoor environment.
Experience and Distinction: Mohamed Moumia has more than 18 years of experience in the field of interior design. He is an accredited Egyptian TV designer, with an excellent reputation and proven experience in his field.
In short, Mohamed Moumia represents a distinguished and professional interior designer with creativity and experience in transforming interior spaces into beautiful and functional spaces. Seeks to achieve the owner’s vision and to provide projects that meet his needs and exceed his expectations.

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classic restaurant Interior design
classic restaurant Interior design

Classic restaurant interior design tips

To attract the designer’s attention, he uses:

  • One of the most important rules of interior design is a classic restaurant.
  • The designer also uses many modern wallpaper.
  • The designer takes into account the use, distribution and consistency of colors within the restaurant.
  • He designs different lighting to distinguish the restaurant and highlight its design, in addition to adding a lot to that restaurant.
  • Some designers prefer to use tables and hang them on the walls of the restaurant, as well as use shelves and combine them with the colors of the walls of the restaurant in order to add touches of sophistication and simplicity to the restaurant.
classic restaurant Interior design
classic restaurant Interior design

Designing restaurants and cafes with modern decor

The design of restaurants and cafes according to the modern system is one of the most common designs, and the designs depend on many bases, including:

  • Glamorous decorations and antiques should be completely dispensed with in modern decors.
  • It is essential to rely on simple pieces with a modern look when following the modern system.
  • Also, the designs should be varied, using simple pieces with variations on the furniture.
  • It is preferable when designing the facade of the restaurant to use many pieces of glass, as well as when designing the restaurant from the inside to give the restaurant the largest amount of lighting distribution inside.
  • More than one type of modern and different lighting must be followed when designing the restaurant, in order to highlight the shape of the restaurant and give a distinctive design by diversifying the lighting.
نصائح التصميم الداخلى للمطاعم classic restaurant Interior design
classic restaurant Interior design

Designing restaurants and cafes with classic STYLE

  • Antiques and different and distinctive motifs, such as floral motifs, for example, should be used when designing a classic.
  • Also, when following the classic design, yellow, green, brown and light blue colors such as pink and white should be used when coloring the walls.
  • You must use wallpaper with graphics that contain floral shapes, and these are the most important rules of interior design for a classic restaurant.
  • It is necessary to choose the best types of distinctive and elegant fabrics that catch the eye in the restaurant.
  • Also, when choosing the design of the restaurant floor, it must be made of natural materials such as wood and marble, which is what distinguishes classic designs.
classic restaurant Interior design
classic restaurant Interior design

Classic design features

The classic design is distinguished from others by the fact that many natural materials such as stones are used in floors or walls, wood is also used in furniture, and when designing lighting, it is preferable to use curtains and distinctive luxurious chandeliers.

It also uses the distinctive fabrics that characterize classic restaurants, with a mixture of light and dark natural colors, to finally give a restaurant distinguished by sophistication and luxury.

classic restaurant Interior design
classic restaurant Interior design

How do you own a unique restaurant design?

In general, when choosing a restaurant design, you must follow some tips in order to obtain a distinctive look for the restaurant:

  • Different pieces of decoration should be chosen to fit the year in the restaurant and these are the most important rules of interior design for a classic restaurant.
  • Distinctive colors must be chosen and combined with each other in order to appear harmonious.
  • You should also choose a lighting system to attract attention and accentuate the appearance of the restaurant.
  • When choosing furniture, it must be suitable for the restaurant space, and it must be chosen carefully and harmoniously in order to give a general comfort in the place.
  • Furniture should also be practical and easy to move from one place to another inside the restaurant.
  • Wall decor must be chosen very carefully, because the walls are the most characteristic of the restaurant, and one of the important factors that attract the attention of customers inside the restaurant.
classic restaurant Interior design
classic restaurant Interior design

Classic style restaurant 2023

  • A coffee shop is one of the places people go to when they are bored.
  • That is why the indoor hall is the most important place to add coffee shop decorations.
  • Simple decoration should be adopted in an orderly manner, however, this will make a difference for the visitors.
  • A modern rustic style can be adopted in the design of the walls with an elegant touch that makes the place feel comfortable.
  • You can complement this by choosing the center of the light differently by choosing ball-shaped lamps.
  • For example, because it plays the role of accentuating the colors and shapes used in addition to providing the perfect atmosphere.
classic restaurant Interior design
classic restaurant Interior design

Factors to consider in a classic design

  • There are many other factors that can affect the success of your coffee shop besides coffee shop decorations.
  • The classic restaurant interior design along with the website adds a lot as it is one of the most important rules of the classic restaurant interior design.
  • We also present in this paragraph some tips that you should pay attention to when starting your project.
  • The outside of your coffee shop needs special attention suggesting to visitors what they will find inside.
  • So if you choose a distinctive shape outside, this will give them an incentive to enter while adopting a simple and uncomplicated look of course.
classic restaurant Interior design
classic restaurant Interior design


We advise you to know the difference between an interior designer and other?

  • Interior designer job The interior designer is responsible for designing and utilizing the interior spaces of a home to meet the basic needs of its residents.
  • That is, it depends on employing the place appropriately to meet the purpose. It is typical for an interior designer to have an associate degree in their field.
  • Interior design is taught in the Colleges of Fine and Applied Arts and Architecture. Therefore, he relies on academic science in the home design process.
  • The reliance of interior designer, interior designer Mohamed Moumia, on engineering principles in his work does not mean that he ignores the aesthetic form.
  • As one of his tasks is to design the decoration and choose the style as well, as this matter falls within the goal of employing the spaces that he achieves.
  • As for the interior designer, he is the person who revives the aesthetic and artistic side of the interior design.
  • He cares more about choosing colors, designing furniture, and adding aesthetic elements.
  • Therefore, we advise you to contact elarabiadesign
classic restaurant Interior design

Finally, why do you deal with ElarabiaDesign?

  • The company is under the leadership of interior designer Mohamed Moumia, not just an investor.
  • An interior designer, not another engineering major.
  • He has his fame on Egyptian television, and therefore his reputation must be preserved.
  • The variety of projects that have been designed and supervised.The company supervised residential, administrative, medical, commercial, restaurants and other projects.

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What is classic style interior design?

Classic style interior design is an elegant and timeless design style that draws inspiration from the classical art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. It is characterized by the use of symmetrical layouts, clean lines, and a neutral color palette with pops of rich hues, ornate details such as moldings, and classical motifs such as columns and urns. Furnishings are often grand and traditional, featuring high-quality materials and classic upholstery styles. The goal of classic interior design is to create a sophisticated and refined ambiance that embodies timeless beauty and elegance.

How do design classic restaurant Interior design?

Restaurant interior design is a combination of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and brand identity. The following are some of the key elements that restaurants consider while designing their interiors:
Theme: Restaurants often have a specific theme or concept that they want to convey through their interior design, such as an upscale French bistro or a rustic Italian trattoria.
Seating arrangements: The seating arrangement should be comfortable, functional and accommodate the desired number of customers.
Lighting: Good lighting is essential in creating an inviting atmosphere and highlighting key elements in the restaurant such as art and decor.
Color scheme: Color is an important aspect of restaurant design, and it’s often used to create a specific mood or atmosphere, such as warm and cozy or bright and energetic.
Materials and finishes: Restaurants choose materials and finishes such as flooring, wall coverings, and countertops that are durable, easy to clean, and consistent with the overall design theme.
Branding: Restaurants incorporate their brand’s colors, logos, and other elements into the design to reinforce their brand identity.
Décor: The décor elements, such as artwork, sculptures, and greenery, help to create a unique and memorable atmosphere.
By carefully considering these elements, restaurants aim to create an interior design that appeals to customers and enhances their dining experience.

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