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Elarabia Design

was established in 2008 by the interior designer, Mohamed Momeh, and it continued its success and growth over the years.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission

Arabia Design Is A First-Class And Unique Decoration Company, As It Is Concerned With Art In The First Place, And Every Process It Considers A New Painting To Be Added To Its Work. Interior Designer Mohamed Momeh Is Interested In Everything New In The World Of Decoration In Terms Of Satisfying The Customer’s Taste And Exceeding The Customer’s Expectations With His Designs.
Our mission in the Arab company lies in spreading the culture of quality in its true sense in the field of interior design in Cairo, in order to add another competitive advantage between companies. This is the message that the company adopts to provide the best service with the highest quality.

Our vision

We strive to provide more distinguished and decent services to our current customers and gain new customers from well-known brands locally and globally inside Egypt and implement them with the highest required technical specifications, in our belief in mastering the work and achieving it optimally.

Our goal

Arabia Design is a first-class and unique decoration company, as it is concerned with art in the first place, and every process it considers a new painting to be added to its work. Interior designer Mohamed Momeh is interested in everything new in the world of decoration in terms of satisfying the customer’s taste and exceeding the customer’s expectations with his designs, whether inside Egypt or the Gulf countries. Such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates and Bahrain

Our Portofolio

Our Services

تصميم داخلي وديكور فيلات ودوبلكس وشقق


تصميم وديكور الفنادق والمطاعم والكافيهات


التصميم الداخلي والديكور جميع مقرات الشركات


Customer Satisfaction

When you look through our designed and executed works, you will see designs that not only meet the needs of our customers. but really express their dreams, desires, aspirations as a company, restaurant, others..
And I think this business really represents our ability to work with a wide range of clients.
We are not a company with a single design school and agenda, but rather take a look at what we really want to do.. Our goal in working with our clients is to help them change. .
Our company can provide a completely homogeneous environment or an integrated environment that speaks the same addition to expressing the customer’s brand.
. When it all comes together, the idea is for them to visualize themselves and say you know this
The building has changed our sense of who we are, what we can do, where we are going…
Our approach is to listen carefully to our clients who truly understand who they are and what their goals are, and our job is to translate that into an environment that expresses those ideals..
We do not only choose materials for floors or walls and ceilings and the colors that they do without them designing the space to perform the required function and specifying decorative lighting for furniture and others ..

Mohamed Momeh

Founder of the Arab company, interior designer, Mohamed Moumia, born in 1980. He has more than 12 years of experience in the field of interior design.

He also enjoys the trust of many stars of society through his work as an interior designer and his work in the media. He also presented programs on interior design and decoration.

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He is The Art Maker program presented the first season on Alaqaria Emarat channel in 2017. The Art Maker program presented the second season on the Health and Beauty channel in 2019. He also enjoys the trust of many Egyptian TV producers and directors, and that is why they host him on Egyptian channels to talk about the decor. He designed and implemented many well-known facilities as described in our previous work.


Elarabiadesign management is honored to have contracted with Dr. Mohamed El-Anany, Chairman of the Board of Directors of El-Anania Company, to merge it under the banner of El-Anany Group, due to its long-standing and rich business history.

Dr. Mohamed El-Anany

The owner of the Anania company holds a PhD in urban planning economics in 2005.

  • Participated in many conferences to develop performance in the contracting sector in Egypt through the introduction of nanotechnology and environmentally friendly materials.
دكتور محمد العنانى

Some of the company's previous work

Some of the certificates obtained by Al-Anany company

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